Choosing your hair stylist carefully

The trend of changing hair styles is going viral around the world with no exception. The youth loves makeups, playing with hair, and coming with new haircuts. They believe it gives them a fresh and modern.

Apart from this, coloring hair and hair highlights is an ever-growing fashion. Moreover, beautifully done hair not only satisfies the woman but it also makes them feel bold and beautiful.

To keep your hair long, shiny and strong in the long run, there are some of the best hair salons available in South Africa, or Recommended hair Growth vitamins like IsabellaB hair on

Why Every Stylist Suggests Hair Extensions? If you want to try on different hairstyles but don’t have enough hair to try it, hair extensions are the best option. By wearing hair extensions, you have a chance to wear your hair in a variety of ways for the whole week. Hair extensions in South Africa will help you have the hair you have dreamt of, if you are not able to grow long or thick and luxurious hair. Hair extensions are available in two types: - Clip in hair extensions - Permanent hair extensions Clip in hair extensions: As the name suggests they are easy to clip and remove and it suits for single/multi toned color hairs.

Halo extensions are a type of clip hair extension.

This type of hair extension is ready to use and it won’t slip from hair and can be removed or placed within minutes. They were manufactured by 100% human hair and it will stay long and durable. The clip extensions suits for wedding occasions and other formal use. The range includes, - Straight in hair extensions - Wavy hair extensions - Curly hair extensions - Halo hair extensions - Pony tail hair extensions Permanent hair extensions:

The types of permanent hair extensions are - Micro bead hair extension - Weave hair extension - Tape hair extension On contrast with clip in hair extension, permanent hair extension costs a bit higher than the other because it cannot be taken out any time with your own flexibleness. The selection of duplicate hair should be of same colour and length and so it has not to be changed for months, it is a permanent one. Tape hair extensions is a popular type of permanent hair extension. It is of about 2-4 inch long and compressed between two parts of bio sticky tape and can last for about eight weeks.

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